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Gradient nails have been around for quite some time now. I find this style to be suitable for everybody. It adds the right amount of chicness to the outfit, especially when its done on the tip of the nails.

Petites in French Pink (416)

I first started with my base. I chose a base with a frosty finish rather than a clear finish. I find this base to bring out the gradient of the nails better. Two coats should be enough, we don't want to have such an overpowering background for the gradient. 

Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here (541CP)
Next I started with the lightest color. For this nail gradient, I wanted to do gray to black. I think this gradient goes along with this year's spring trend. About three drops of nail polish should be enough for two fingers. Rather than using a make up sponge, I used an eye shadow brush that has been lying around my room. With the eye shadow brush, I find it easier to control the amount. When doing this step do it in a dabbing motion, it gives a better "gradient effect" and do this halfway through the nail.

Sinful Colors in Secret Admirer (933)
After the first layer has dried go on to the next color. For the next color, try to focus with dabbing this on the tip only. It's better if its not done in a straight line, that's what adds the effect of the gradient ! Btw, this nail polish already has glitter in it. Because we're going to add glitters later, if the top layer already have glitter it will go with gradient of the glitters, but you can still use plain black if you want.

Sally Hansen in Rock Candy (300)

Pure Ice in Beware (537CP)
To complete the look, I added two different kind of glitters. First the Rock Candy by Sally Hansen. This type of glitter doesn't give off two much and it has colors. The size are quite bigger than the Beware by Pure Ice. With the addition of these colors, I find it quite classy. Make sure, that these are only added on the gradient part and focus most of the glitter on the tip because this will help emphasize the gradient.

Rimmel in Base & Top Coat (100)
Lastly, you finish it off with a top coat and clean off the sides with qtips and nail polish remover. Then, you're done. I like to rock this nail every time I crave for something chic on my nails but don't have enough time to do so. Sorry for the low quality pictures, I took it with my phone.


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