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Shirt: PacSun, Cardigan: F21, Pants: Charlotte Russe, Hat: Charming Charlie's
Short hair, I care. After years of growing out my hair, I have finally decided to cut about 10 inches off of my hair. It was a decision I pondered on for months, but I told myself that after prom I will cut my hair. I have a trauma when it comes to cutting my short because a lady once cut my way too short and I just didn't like so I had to wear my hair up for months. Anyways, I searched for hair lengths that I feel like would match me. When it comes to Kpop its very rare for them to have medium length cuts, its either flowing down to their backs or touching their chins. Then I remembered how much I adored Park Bom's hair in 2ne1's music video "Falling In Love", so I decided to use her hair as guide. Long story short, I'm totally in love with my new hair and I can't wait to just rock it with my summer outfits !

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