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Hi guys, happy 2015 ! It's finally the start of a new year. To start off the new year, Jo & I have been trying to see each other more so we can do more shoots. It's very hard for us to meet each other often because we both go to different colleges and we also have work. Anyways, about the outfit... for some reason I've been really into plaid bottoms. I think plaid bottoms gives your outfit more of a feminine look because it reminds us of that school girl look. When it's the winter season, I really like to throw on my sheer tights. I think tights are an essential piece because you can definite have many looks to match it with. Oh, and coats is one of the trending pieces for this season so make sure you guys grab one that can match most of your outfits. To know more about what I do daily make sure you check out our personal accounts or FTXIII's accounts. I wish you guys a wonderful 2015 (:

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