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Dress: Charlotte Russe, "I'm Busy" top: H&M, Socks: H&M
This year I finally celebrated the big "1-8". Although, this isn't much of a fashion post I wanted to share it with you guys anyways just in case you guys might need some inspiration. So one of things I wanted for the party I had was a "photo book" just so my guests can write their messages to me and I can bind it into one space. I wanted the book to be more customized so I decided to have different photo shoots that captivates my personality. These shoots might seem childish but to me it represents my playful side, that even though I'm now considered an "adult" I'm still a child at heart. The set for this shoot was put together in a matter of minutes. The dollar store is you best friend to be perfectly honest; you can buy different props and everything else you might need. If you guys have ever done something like this, let me know !

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