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I'm so happy to share with you guys information about the shirt that I was able to get in the mail. Can I just say, this shirt is so freaking soft ?! Anyways besides that, I should let you know that the shirt that I'm wearing is actually a size M. I got a medium size shirt with the intention of wearing it as a "dress shirt", it obviously didn't work out, but since the design of the shirt was so versatile I was able to find something in my closet that could match it. Before I forget one of the things that I admire about this shirt is the "tag". Usually when I buy shirts, I always take out the labeling they stitch at the back of the shirt because (1) it's very bothersome, and (2) it always makes me itchy. This shirt was still able to incorporate their branding with the nuisance labeling in the back by adding it as a print at the back side of the shirt. If you guys need visual aide, look at Jo's post because she has a picture of the company branded their products. Oh and btw, this photo shoot almost killed me because it was seriously scorching hot and wearing these faux leather pants was just not a good combination, but for the sake of fashion I survived ! For more information about the shirt I will link it down below !

My shirt design: Blue Toucan
IG: duchesseparis
Email: shop.duchesseparis@gmail.com

Fashion blog IG: @joandrg
IG: argieshines

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