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For 4th of July I decided to go shopping with my cousin and thought it would be a cute idea to share with you guys what I bought and maybe share some anecdotes from that day.

Forever 21
I don't think I told you guys, but my intention was to match with her since it's been such a while since we've celebrated 4th of July together. The shorts were such a pain to find since she had acid high waisted shorts... but in the end I just went with the color that matched the closest. 

At first we wanted to use combat boots but when I saw this I immediately wanted to buy it so we decided to stick to all black shoes. Platform shoes isn't everyone's cup of tea but to be honest I feel like these type of shoes are easy to add some "spunk" into a girls' casual outfit.

Shoe Factory
These shoes weren't bought the day I bought my "twin" outfit, but I stumbled upon these shoes at a place called shoe factory. If you live in Vegas and happen to be at the Galleria mall, there's a place called Shoe Factory by BWW and I think everyone should that store out because they definitely have a lot of shoes to choose from and the prices are very very cheap... I got these for $10.88 !

Bath and Body Works
These candles are the mini ones from B&BW. I don't usually use candles so I tend to buy the mini ones instead. These scents from the Hawaiian collect are my favorites, but Black Sands has my heart, lol. I thought these scents were just perfect for the summer and I just didn't want to pass it up so I thought I might as well get these since I'm running out.


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