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Hi there!

Sorry for the wait once again. . .

I think most of our posts consist of black and white outfits. It's because you can never go wrong with black and white. Black and white can be classy, rebellious, simple, and crazy. That's what we love about it. I matched my cutout crop top with my long black skirt from PacSun. It was comfortable and I got compliments for my outfit that day. I was definitely inspired by Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens. You can find clothes similar to this at PacSun and Forever21. If you guys have any outfits to share, let us know and email us at fashiontrademark13@gmail.com 

Also, shout-out to my hair stylist Chan! She's absolutely amazing. I went all the way to California to get my hair done, because I was in love with my friend's ombre. It was totally worth it because Chan has ombre skills like no other! Thanks Chan. 

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